I offer any of the services bellow and would love to chat with any of you about your specific requirements and needs!

*During each of these services - apart from selling crystals and astrology charts - I will get messages from angels and spirit guides and will pass them on to the client after/during the session for extra information. 


Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is a type of Vibrational Medicine where the Reiki Master (me) will be placing my hands on each one of your chakras and any part of your body that calls to me. A higher vibrational energy eill then come through my hands and into your body to heal any physical, emotional or spiritual pain. Every experience varies on the person, but it is real and it does work. Most will notice a change happening in their bodies in the following week. 

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is also a type of Vibrational Medicine where specific crystals are cleansed and then place on and around the body accordingly. I personalize each one of my crystal session for the client and their specific needs. 

Tarot + oracle Reading

The tarot + oracle readings are extremely personal and accurate as I connect to the clients spirit guides. I use both tarot and oracle cards as well pass on any message I get from spirit guides. Each reading is priced depending on length of session.

Spells and Magic

I offer spells and potions to anyone who is interested. From being a witch in most of my past lives, and being a modern one in this life, I offer personalized spells or potions for any of my interested clients. The price will vary depending on the materials used and the complexity of the spell.
*I only work with white and green magic

Crystal Seller

I use crystals in my practice and I also love to sell them to the public, so anyone who is interested in purchasing one, I try to make the price as low as I can.

 *The client must pay for the S&H.

astrology chart

I offer personalized and accurate astrology charts. Here you will discover a lot of about yourself and where the stars and planets were placed on your birth date. Because of all the research required, it will take a maximum of 2 weeks  for me to complete. 


As a witch I work with only green and white magic. Green magic is creating spells by using only natural ingredients and respecting the earth. I never harvest more than 1/3 of a specific plant or flower. White magic is creating spells only using positive energy and willpower. I set positive intentions knowing what I am creating is Just and for the good of all. Combined together white and green magic create a powerful and healing energy, that can help anyone make positive changes in their lives.