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Spell Candles 

These are my homemade specialty spell candles. Each candle has been designed for specific spells made for the energy of the specific day of the 


Monday: Balance, compassion, dreams, faeries, family, feminine, home, motherhood, psychic work, purification, sleep, spirituality, stability, strength, stubbornness, visions. 

Tuesday: Assertion, boundaries, caution, courage, creativity, defense magik, enemies energy, fertility, love, heroism, honesty, justice, lust, passion, politics, power, prophecy, protection, revenge, sacrifice, transformation, victory, war.

Wednesday : Balance, death, extremes, healing, justice, knowledge, longevity, medicine, communication, travel, purity, sacrifice, spirituality, truth, victory, wisdom.

Thursday : Agriculture, boundaries, courage, faithfulness, generosity, grounding, growth, inspiration, justice, knowledge, leadership, light, lust, marriage, material success, meditation, money, oaths, optimism, passion, politics, power, prosperity, protection, punishment, purity, reconciliation, spirituality, strength, stubbornness, success, truth, victory, virtue, wealth, weather, well-bring.

Friday : Affection, beauty, calming, childbirth, dreaming, fertility, fidelity, friendship, gardening, happiness, illumination, insight, justice, knowledge, leadership, love, luck, marriage, meditation, money, partnership, peace, pleasure, purification, purity, romance, sensuality, sex, sexuality, spirituality, tenderness, transformation, truth, wisdom, youth. 

Saturday : After life, apprehension, boundaries, curses, death, endings, freedom, habit-breaking, happiness, hexes, justice, knowledge, life, limitations, longevity, meditation, obstacles, peace, prosperity, protection, responsibility, retribution, reveal, sacrifice, self-discipline, spirit, strength, time. 

Sunday : Abundance, appearance, caution, confidence, courage, creativity, divination, dreaming, driving force, ego, energy, enlightenment,fatherhood, fertility, finances, fortune, happiness, healing, hope, individuality, inspiration, leadership, light, lust, magnetism, manifestation, medicine, oat, oracles, passion, politics, power, promotion, prosperity, protection, purity, rebirth, seeing, success, transformation, work. 

Specialty Oils

Specialty Oils are Wiccan oils made by me for specific purposes. Each oil is specifically designed and create for a specific purpose with the use of natural ingredients. They are perfect to add to your bath or candle when creating a spell. 

Crystal Water

Crystal Water is distilled water with the essence of specific crystals. I make them myself and use the appropriate crystals to accommodate each healing purpose. You just add 2-3 drops to your drink and feel its benefits.