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Below you will find some of the crystal you can purchase on my website, Just click on the image to get a link to purchase the Crystal. 

Blue Apatite

Blue apatite is perfect for unblocking your throat chakra as well as helping with public speaking and speaking the truth. 

Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone is the perfect crystal to connect the nurturing feminine energies that you may be lacking. It also can aid in opening up your psychic abilities, helping to calm your mind. 

Carnelian Palmstone

Carnelian is extremely grounding, protective and full of creativity. This crystal can help open up your sacral chakra and creative channels. It is also perfect for standing up for yourself and exploring your sexual self. 

Clear Quartz Points

Clear quartz is the universal amplifier. It is the most common crystal in the world and can be used to multiply the energy of any other crystal or element.

Desert Jasper Palmstone 

Desert jasper is known as the supreme nurturer. This crystal is perfect to bring joy and laughter into your life. It can also provide you with strength, comfort and security. ​

Fluorite Towers

These beautiful towers are give off amazing energy as they're perfect for cleansing energy and enhancing ones spiritual abilities. They're also extremely well priced for such beauties.

Garnierite Freeform

Garnierite is perfect for self love and meditation. It can help open up your heart chakra and heal your spiritual self. This crystal can also help you have compassion for yourself and others. 

Goniatite Fossil

Goniatite Fossils are essentially crystallized fossils.They are perfect for healing  and opening up your Kundalini energies. It also clears up any blocks that you may have in your energy, helping everything flow. 


Labradorite is a very magical crystal that can help anyone manifest what they want in their lives. It can help one open their third eye and achieve needed protection. 

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is perfect for opening up your third eye and to connect you with the universe. 

Obsidian Sphere

Obsidian is the perfect crystal for protection. It is recommend to sleep with a piece under your bed and to carry a piece for protection against negativity or spiritual attacks. 

Orca Agate

Orca agate is a perfect crystal to help with grounding and stability. It can help with achieving balance in your life by helping get attuned with the earth. 

Petrified Wood

This is the prefect crystal to heal from past issues and to have past life regressions. Petrified wood is also amazing to ground you and connect you to earth's energies.

Pistachio Opal

Pistachio opal is a super light and fun crystal. It helps when seeking new perspectives in life and helps with regeneration. It can also help you overcome your fears and to have a peaceful sleep. 

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the perfect crystal to promote and attract love into your life. It is also great to open up anyone's heart chakra and to have a better outlook on life. 

Septarian Spheres

Septarian can help open up your root, sacral and solar plexus charkas. This crystal is perfect to give you the confidence and creativity that you need. 

Smokey Quartz Points

This crystal is an amazing grounder and gives balancing energy. It can help give protection as well as connect you to your past lives. 

Tiger's Eye points

Tiger's eye is the perfect crystal to give your strength, courage and power. It opens your solar plexus chakra helping you find the confidence that you may need.