Just a bit about me... I was set on earth with a mission, that is to help lost souls find their way and provide guidance to anyone in need. We are all here with a purpose and mine is to heal hearts and set people on the right path. I travel in my sleep, connect with archangels, spirit guides, past loved-ones and get messages from spiritual entities of light. I am very passionate about what I do and I am willing to help and teach anyone that is willing to learn.

Elli Poitras

As a child I was always extremely sensitive to others emotions. This made me dislike school, big crowds and any negative situation. Over the years of my life, I realized I was capable of seeing auras, specifically my teachers's auras when they were standing in front of a white board. Upon discovering this, I began developing this gift and trying to see everyone's aura. throughout high-school I went through many challenges that taught me a lot about myself and the skills that I now possess. I was always extremely good at blending in the background and not let anyone see me. I wanted nothing to do with drama and carried on with my own wants and likes. It wasn't until I left high school and went off to college, that I started developing my magical skills and finding my true passions. There I found a new appreciation for nature and the Wiccan way of life. I started working on white and green spells and attracted positivity into my life. When I moved back home to Kingston, it is there that I rekindled with an old boyfriend. We had dated in middle school but never made it farther than that. After meeting him again, we fell in love and I acquired my first spiritual teacher. He is a Psychic and has been able to provide me with the confidence and drive that I hadn't been able to find within myself. He corrected me when I was wrong and encouraged me to be on the right path. Now after 3 years of being together, my psychic abilities are stronger than they have ever been. It's true that we never stop learning but I have achieved my full potential of being a Psychic. Which is being able to see, hear, feel and understand someones life by connecting to their energy. I have now mastered many healing techniques such as Reiki and Crystal Healing, and perform psychics readings for client. I also enjoy creating spells, oils, candles and natural things to help people. I hope that along my journey I can help, heal and inspire people to live better and happier lives. 

how I came up with my business name " The Healing Fairy"

In 2014 I attended a Women's convention where women sold their homemade products. This is where I was attracted to a specific booth by a Psychic named Monica. As I sat down, she proceeded to tell me that I had fairies around me. This statement took me by surprised and also got me questioning a lot of current things in my life. The next day I went back and booked a reading with another Psychic who was attending this convention. Sometime during the reading, she also mentioned that I had fairies around me. She even stated that I resembled one and had similar energy to them. After hearing the same thing from 2 different individuals that were distances away from each other, I was shocked. It took me by surprise but I knew at that moment that there was something to this. Now 4 yrs later after countless times of people telling me I resemble a fairy, and having been working with them, I decided to create my business. The "healing" comes from the fact that my main purpose in life is to heal those in need of healing. So I put both together and came up with my business name "The Healing Fairy". 


The Reiki session was an amazing and a mesmerizing experience. Genuine and  lovely atmosphere, I will definitely refer people to her shop.  5/5 stars

Justus Sherbert