I am a professional psychic and healer who helps those in need of guidance and healing. I specify in healing techniques as well as Psychic Readings by connecting with higher beings and spirit guides. Take a look around and send me a quick message if you have any questions!

On this website you will find the services that I offer :
-Reiki & Crystal healing
-Tarot & Oracle readings
-Personalized Spells and Potions 

- Astrology Charts

-Crystals for sale

*All of these services can be done through the internet,  phone or in person. 

Dream pouches

these homemade pouches are filled with herbs and plants collected respectfully by me. Each pouch has a different purpose and is to be placed under your pillow while you sleep. So far I've only created the protection dream pouch but there is more to come such as ; healing, clarity, fertility and guidance.

Check out my Instagram (healing_fairy22)

Follow me on Instagram where I offer themed oracle readings for a small price of 5$CAN every saturday at 5pm EST. Each reading is personalized to each person and last about 15 minutes with extremely accurate information from your spirit guides.